Nobody Dining Chair

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A stackable chair moulded in a single piece from one hundred percent recyclable plastic converted into felt had never been done before.

Nobody is soft, comfortable and versatile with no potentially dangerous hard edges or loose parts. The lightweight chair has the additional advantage of making no noise or scratches when pulled across the floor, and is easy to pick up and move around. The chair is perfect for children, who tend to challenge furniture by using it for a wide range of purposes.

Komplot Design

Komplot Design

‘In design terms, Nobody is one of the best pieces of furniture we have ever created. We mostly worked with Boris Berlin on the development of Nobody. Boris has a strong grasp of the conceptual aspects, and he’s someone you can develop technically sophisticated products with. He is a gifted designer with very persistent approach to complex problems. Nobody is still the first and only monobloc dining chair in the world where textile makes up the construction. That makes Nobody inherently relevant. Moreover, the chair has a strong environmental profile and a high degree of originality in expression, production and material.’ Rolf Hay

That the plot is at the heart of the design firm Komplot’s work over the past 24 years is easy to spot when you consider the creative output. All Komplot’s corporate identities, products and furniture designs are driven by certain characteristic qualities: original idea, innovative manufacturing, alternative approach, strong concept. The narrative layers that are added to the functional core, whether the angle is technological, aesthetic or historical, tie the different design aspects into a complete story.

Nobody Chair for HAY virtually combines all three layers on top of the functional product: Nobody is a technological innovation in a sustainable and reusable material, and it is also the first chair in the world where textile makes up both construction and surface. In addition, the name represents plays with the notion of absence. Like a shadow on a conventional chair – or a blanket thrown over a chair that is mothballed while the residents are away. That Nobody Chair is easy to move around, weighs next to nothing and does not dent the floor makes it an outstanding choice in most contexts, and the chair has deservedly received multiple awards and been included into the permanent collections of several design museums, including Vitra Design Museum. Komplot’s significant imprint on Danish design history is evident. And even though Poul Christiansen and Boris Berlin have since parted ways, Komplot remains an active brand.

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