Width 62 cm
Depth 58 cm
Height 76 cm
Weight 4.5 kg
Seat depth 52 cm
Seat height 47 cm


Colour RS Black
Material Rattan with Cane-line Rope


Suitable for outdoor use No


Noble is a modern and aesthetically beautiful chair, made in coloured rattan and Cane-line Rope.

Noble is designed with a focus on the traditional craftsmanship, which is reflected in the beautifully woven seat and the soft lines of the frame. An elegant and comfortable rattan chair that adds character to any modern home. Noble can be used both as a dining chair, as a distinctive chair for the desk or simply as a modern and classic piece of furniture that adds a sculptural element to your decor. The elegant coloured rattan frame has a smooth surface that gives an exciting contrast to the warm inviting Cane-line Rope that adorns the seat, back and armrests of the chair. The rattan core, which is a flexible material, gives Noble its formidable expression composed of both lines and curves.


ByKATO, Karl Rüdiger Rossell and Tonny Glismand, are dedicated to creating contemporary, highly usable products for eve-ryday living. They aim to bridge the gap between commercial, industrial design and high-quality craftsmanship by using honest and justifiable materials and paying careful attention to even the most minute detail. Their mantra is to design products, which they would like to have so they always take starting point in their own needs. In this way it all comes from the heart and the required enthusiasm is always present.

Cane-line is a Danish design company with 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing functional and comfortable furniture.