120 x 120 x H 72 cm

NOBIS is a new Offecct table, which was originally created for the luxurious Nobis Hotel in Stockholm. NOBIS is designed by Claesson Koivisto Rune, who also created the interiors of the hotel. The table was produced by Offecct for the hotel’s Gold Bar, totally in brass. Both Claesson Koivisto Rune and Offecct thought the design was very successful, and decided to make a whole product line out of it. The form of the table is a round square, that is, there are no hard angles to the square that makes up the table top. This particular form is present all around us, but we rarely notice it. It can be found in for example soaps, spoons and old televisions. The form comes from a square, manipulated by a CAD software which adds a special formula to create the final shape. The design fits well in all kinds of environ- ments, and is inviting for many people to sit around the table at the same time. NOBIS comes in five different sizes, and can also be produced with the table top in the form of a square or a circle. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Table top in black or white compact laminate with black core or in black coloured MDF. Structure lacquered frame in black. (Table 40x40 also available in massive untreated brass and copper.)

OFFECCT believes in combining genuine Swedish craftsmanship with qualitative, innovative and sustainable design.