Nobi 2 Suspension lamp by FontanaArte

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Suspension lamp. Metal frame with pivoting arms, in chromed CR or satined nickel plating NS. Spacer included. Adjustable diffusers in pressed sandblasted tempered glass can be positioned horizontally or vertically. R3086S anodized aluminium reflector. W=34min/149max D=9 H=79 cm

In floor, wall and suspension versions, Nobi guarantees total practicality for innovative elegant design. The two bowl-shaped glass discs are held in position by a system of tiny springs and fastened to the metal frame by two pins. In this way the diffuser rotates on itself, directing its halogen beam as required.

Founded in 1932, FontanaArte is an Italian design company that has marked the “history of light and furnishings” in Italy and worldwide.