The nightstand comes with a set of 3 bookpins/bookmarks, 1 regular pin and a small shelf. The pins are detached and can be moved around the back piece.

Right Hand Side

These nightstands are a fantastic space saver and make a beautiful minimalistic addition to any home.

Please specify whether you would like your shelf to be on the left or the right hand side. We normally have the shelf on the far side of the bed, making the books and the extra pin easily accessible. But you choose as you like.

The books rest on a small wooden plate so the pages stay intact. The plates can be moved back and forth on the bottom of the book to control the height of which the book hangs, making it possible to line different sized books up in a straight line.

The strings in the bookpins are made of waxed cotton in dark brown.

We've had our book racks hanging for a while now and our books are happy, showing no signs of wear from this storage method

Wood is an organic substance. Please note that color and texture may vary from piece to piece.

As each of our pieces is handmade and made to order, please allow for up to 2 weeks to pass before we ship the item. We do sometimes carry items in stock. Check with us for availability and estimated time before item can be shipped.

AGUSTAV is a furniture design and production company established in 2011 by Agusta Magnusdottir and Gustav Johannsson. AGUSTAV creates high-end furniture and aims at making pieces that can last lifetimes. At AGUSTAV the creation process centers on weighing out aesthetics and functionality. Product quality is assured by using carefully chosen, high quality materials that are skillfully crafted by furniture makers. AGUSTAV works with the environment by planting a tree for each item sold as well as using certified environmentally friendly packaging.