Width 32 cm
Depth 7 cm
Height 27 cm
Weight 1.20 kg


Colour Yellow
Material Steel


Size Standard


The New Folder serves as a translation of the translation, bringing a piece of the virtual world back into your reality.

Metaphors are a considerable part of the triumph of computers. The graphical interface, originally derived from the Xerox Lab in Palo Alto, imitates the reality of life: little folders in which we drop little notes, icons, in order to identify programs. By now, our virtual reality is much more trusted than our real one—Helmut Spundlich, Der Standard

With it, you can organize your daily routine and office just like you would your desktop. The New Folder is simultaneously a newspaper tray, the liberation of the desktop metaphor, and the real counterpart to one of the first visual archetypes.

njustudio products meet the need for more than bare function: They are food for thought on issues of our post-modern life – they create links to individual experiences and memories.