Nepenthes by Christopher Boots
Christopher Boots

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A sculptural fixture contrasting the masculinity of geometric interlocking solid brass links, paired with the delicacy of amorphous hand blown glass, Nepenthes is inspired by a genus of carnivorous plant in the monotypic family, Nepenthaceae. The name Nepenthes was first published in 1737 in Carolus Linnaeuss’ Hortus Cliffortianus. It references a passage in Homer’s Odyssey, in which the potion “Nepenthes pharmakon” is given to Helen by an Egyptian queen. “Nepenthe” (Ancient Greek: νηπενθές) literally means “without grief” (ne = not, penthos = grief) and, in Greek mythology, is a drug that quells all sorrows with forgetfulness. Nepenthes species are considered threatened or endangered plants. The species attract and kill their prey, albeit passively, through active production of attractive colours, sugary nectar, and even sweet scents. Materials: brass, gallium, glass. Dimensions: Variable. Weight: Variable. Lamping: 12V Halogen. Dimming: Optional Details & Notes: Customised options are welcome.

Christopher Boots is a Melbourne based industrial designer, driven by a love of nature and light, with a commitment to nothing short of excellence.