‘The Nekton stools can constantly be adapted and changed to accommodate any seating need by expanding both the interlocked and individual pieces.’ Zaha Hadid

Satin Мatt Black
Glass reinforced polyester

Dimensions of the stools:

L870mm × D500mm × H510mm

L1020mm × D720mm × H520mm

L1030mm × D630mm × H500mm

L1120mm × D900mm × H500mm

Curvaceous and tactile, the combined Nekton form splits into four distinctive sculptural seats. Scattered through a space or grouped in clusters, this design provides a flexible, unified seating landscape. The recognisably fluid aesthetic of world-renowned architect and designer Zaha Hadid is expressed in the connected shapes and surfaces. Most at home in the contemplative environment of museums and art galleries it is also an ideal installation piece for large entrance halls and viewing platforms.

Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid was the first woman to be awarded the distinguished Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004, and is internationally known for both her theoretical and academic work. Hadid’s remarkable style is characterized by fragmented geometry and bold fluid forms. Currently Zaha Hadid Architects is working on a multitude of projects worldwide including: the High-Speed Train Station in Naples; the CityLife masterplan and tower in Milan; the Grand Theatre in Rabat and the New National Stadium in Tokyo, as well as major master-planning projects in Beijing, Bilbao, Istanbul and Singapore. In 2011 Zaha Hadid was featured in Newsweek Magazine’s ‘150 Women Who Shake The World’.

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