Nastrone by K.B. Form
K.B. Form

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Nastrino was the first product in the Nastro series – and received the German Design Award. Nastrone follows on its heels, but is designed as a reading lamp for contemporary seating groups. these are higher than the classic products and need a corresponding design. Only the base is different on account of the specific use, with a rotary structure and also easy to move. But let‘s get down to facts: two 9 mm profiles. A spring-mounted joint links the horizontal element with a transverse profile. change of direction. the structure is plugged into the base plate where it can be turned as needed. the upper arm has two LED zones controlled by the adjoining switch. For long hours of reading pleasure under glare-free light. calm. Nastrone. Brushed Aluminium, matt anodised 2*3,5 W LED warm-white 2 step lever switch

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