Metallic table lamp providing direct and indirect light. White opal glass. Incandescent E27 100W 230V Electronic fluorescent E27 15/20/25/30W 230V Halogen BT E27 100W 230V

The world of gnomes can be glimpsed through Nan, a collection from the guimerĂ icinca design studio. Nan exudes magic and has a wonderful aura that makes it the ideal lamp for the most special nooks and crannies of your home. Nan has a smooth, conical design, reminiscent of the caps worn by gnomes in fairy stories. A piece that brings tenderness and sensitivity thanks to its aesthetics and welcoming Light. In the words of its creators, "Conceptually speaking, Nan is a popular, well-known personality that touches everyone in the form of a funny story". The Nan collection features a table lamp and two wall-mounted versions, one of which is fixed and the other which can be angled, besides a wall sconce and table lamp in extra large version, suitable for outdoor use.

Estiluz and the green planet. Over forty years have gone by.