Light source GU10 / 1x 35W halogen reflector

Naked collection is a series of 'stripped' down, almost 'generic' lamps that we all seek for our houses and projects but can never find. All the versions of the Naked collection revolve around the idea of a light source, covered with the simplest and most obvious monochromatic 'body', serving as a shade. These are lamps that use basic, minimal forms to cover the technical cores (light sources) of minimal design, that will sit unobtrusively in any environment, providing good quality professional lighting without being overdesigned. At the same time, they can also be seen as precisely defined objects that are simple but simultaneously a bit 'special' as their 'nakedness' is becoming an unusual quality in todays world of 'objects of design' that define our everyday lives. Naked collection is a small family of lamps which can 'live' and 'work' together, in clusters and series, but can also have their separate lives as singular objects. They come in many sizes and types of light, in order to be useful for everyone, everywhere. Material: aluminium Colour: white

Vertigo Bird is a contemporary Slovenian lighting brand established in 2008.