Naive chair grey by EMKO

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measurements: H 823 x W 389 x D 492 mm Material: 100% trevira cs Abraison resistance Rubs Martindale (EN ISO 12947-2): 100,000 Maintenance: Dry Cleaning

It seems, Naive chair could be drawn by a child - six sticks and one seat, but that’s all it takes. The chair is stripped to the minimum: a carved solid ash seat and six legs of equal length to screw; but done with accuracy, each and single detail were carefully studied: the length and angles of the legs are set to get the best proportions for look and comfort. Naive can be flat-packed into a small box and it takes only a minute to assemble it together or disassemble apart. Furthermore, easily interchangeable parts enable the owner to alter the chair’s colour from a classical solid wood to a playful mix of shades.

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