Nadi table by Eponimo

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The project re-interprets the structure of an antique table, large but extremely light, through an aesthetic gesture that enhances the age and at the same time the modernity of the piece. The glass top reveals the skeleton of the support, typically hidden by a marble top. The contrast between inside and outside, between finished and unfinished, becomes the aesthetic theme, expressed through the use of two different woods (mahogany and larch) and two different finishes. The glass top creates a showcase-like effect, magnified by a chamfered plane along the inside of the frame and becomes a window to the history of the table Solid black-stained mahogany external structure, natural solid larch internal structure, tempered glass top. Other finishes and colours available upon request. ND 001 280 B x 110 W x 77,5 H cm ND 002 240 B x 110 W x 77,5 H cm ND 003 180 B x 110 W x 77,5 H cm ND 004 130 B x 110 W x 77,5 H cm

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