Classical shape sofa. The big rounded arms and the turned legs make it suitable for decoration in the most conservative environments. Possibility to choose two kinds of backrest, Op1 big conventional cushion, Op2 cushions (61x61, 45x45) more casual style. The seat with a double cushion offers a great comfort, as well as the backrest, with a combination of different materials. Decorative cushions (45x45cm) included. Quantity detailed in drawings. The height measurements are with the wooden leg p-34. Sofa or module larger than 200 cm are prepared so the arms can be removed. MATERIALS: – Solid wood frame, covered with HR 30kg/m3 foam. Suspension made with Nea elastic webbing, offering quality guarantee of 10 years. – Double seating cushion. Lower cushion in HR 35 kg/m3 foam and upper cushion in microfiber down touch padding (Microgel) with internal cotton cover to separate both materials to prevent deformation. – Backrest cushion for Op.1 is HR 30kg/m3 foam and microfiber down touch padding (Microgel) with interior cotton cover to separate both materials, Op.2 cushion made with silicon polyester fiber. Cushion upholstery fully removable. Decoration cushions with interior cotton cover filled with microfiber down touch padding (Microgel). – Leg p-33 and p-34 beech wood. – Finishes: Double seams. 45x45 cushions with upholstered button. Front arms including upholstered button.

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