Mykes Candleholder

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Mykes is a collection of refined hand-blown glass candle stands produced in three different sizes, whose shape mirrors the harmonious lightness of a mushroom.

Inspired by ancient greek culture, where the mushroom was considered a symbol of life endowed with divine properties. Legends relate that the courageous hero Perseus, weary after a long journey, quenched his thirst with water collected in the cap of a mushroom. Grateful for the solace offered by nature, he decided to establish in that very site a new city called Mycenae (from the greek mykes, which means mushroom).

Giorgio Bonaguro

After studying mechanical engineering in Modena, Giorgio Bonaguro completed his training with a double masters in industrial and interior design from the polytechnic design school in Milan. He has worked with various studios, such as amdl (michele de lucchi) or marco romanelli, where he learned the process of developing a product. He continues his personal research and collaboration with other studios and companies in various fields, including furniture, industrial, interiors, packaging and light design. His clients include driade, valsecchi1918, la lampe, mint gallery london, and galleria luisa delle piane.

driade is an aesthetic lab in continuous search for beauty in living space.