Width 20 cm
Depth 16 cm
Height 20 cm
Weight 0.30 kg


Colour Black
Material Iron


Adonde played with the proportions of their MW magazine rack to come up with this paper/holder.

They lowered the height and added and extra wave - hence the name Mww -- to make it easy to handle and practical as a desktop element.

There are two parallel waves of metal wire. The first wave is lower than the second wave so we can put papers and documents according to size. 

The waves meet in the front and at the back. It is indeed one single metal wire that holds papers and documents as a silhouette of a structure - two full waves.

Made in France

驴ad贸nde? means 篓where篓 in spanish which for us translates into a policy of complete openness. People know where and how our objects are made.