Munkegaard verneer by HOWE

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The Munkegaard chair, also known as the Mosquito chair, is a strong, bold original Arne Jacobsen design that demands attention. Easily stackable and perfectly suited to home or office, it complements any décor, adding distinction, strength and charm, and making the statement of individuality it was always meant to. Introduced in 1955 at the Munkegaard School in Denmark, it was an archetypal Arne Jacobsen design: controversial, elegant and edgy. Like most of his chair designs, the Munkegaard chair remains just as eye-catching today, and at HOWE, we are extremely proud and honoured to be able to reintroduce the chair to the world. Equally suited for restaurants, corporate canteens, educational or hospitality sectors, the Munkegaard chair still holds its own, making wherever it's found that little bit more memorable than usual. Thanks to our sophisticated engineering skills and construction techniques, we have been able to bring a 1950s original up-to-date, all without altering the aesthetics. We've made it greener and tougher than ever before, and turned it into what it is today: a new classic for the 21st century.

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