Fantoni MultipliCeo Fantoni MultipliCeo Fantoni MultipliCeo Fantoni MultipliCeo Fantoni MultipliCeo Fantoni MultipliCeo Quadro

A further, prestigious development of the Multipli collection: a design concept that sets an enduring example. The tops with 45° edge, a distinctive feature of Gino Valle’s unusual design, are entirely covered with leather. A material that is full of warmth and personality, available in various colours to create unique environments. The characteristic 45° edge creates unusual visual effects, making the tops look ultra-slim and giving a dynamic look to the various configurations.The elegant black finish of the service units inspires multiple colour combinations with the leather covering. The range of coordinated white-finish storage units is also expanding with QUADRO: a versatile wall-mounted element with handles integrated into the body of the unit. QUADRO can be installed with its handle at the top or bottom, and opening to the left or right, to meet all requirements.

The company, the beating heart of the Group, is located in Osoppo in the province of Udine.