Multi Double is a simple and functional design with two table sizes in one. By turning the table top and folding it out, you have room to seat even more guests around the table. Multi Double can be used as a dining, kitchen, meeting or canteen table, and is especially suited for smaller rooms where there is an occasional need for extra table space. The Multi Double table is perfect for everyday use and when having guests. The tabletop can be folded out to create a double size table. Multi is short for "multiple purpose", and it is the multi-functionality that is the essence of this table. In its folded state, the Multi Double measures 120 x 90 cm. Once the tabletop is unfolded, the table doubles in size to 120 x 180 cm. The tabletop of Multi Double is manufactured in compact laminate with black core and is available in the colours Snow, Anthracite, Royale and China Red.

Montana Multi is a series of multi-purpose and flexible tables. The Montana Multi desk can be used as a conference table, a printer/fax/scanner desk or as a coffee table, it can also be used in combination with the Montana height adjustable table, with which it shares its design lineage. The Montana Multi mini tables are suited to creating colourfull spots in the interior design. The small tables are suitable as coffee tables, bed-side tables, café tables and small side tables which can easily be moved around to the spot where they are needed. The tables can be grouped to personalize your style with all the 42 lacquer colours in the Montana colour palette, different shapes and heights.

Montana Møbler A/S is a Danish family-owned company based in Haarby on the island of Funen.