Ms Moneypenny Secretary by Yomei

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Ms Moneypenny is the evolution of traditional Biedermeier secretary. Tradition and values of the good old days will be recompiled with the latest technology and adapted to today's requirements. Innovative processing with high technology, the use of unusual materials and the combination of round and square shapes make this secretary to a functional unit. A round, fan-shaped hood of leather and metal secretary expresses this in his formal stamp. The entire surface is made of leather, small applications of stainless steel to break this line and visual accents that are supported by the indirect lighting. Elegance, incredible detail and the fine lines underlines the reputation of Yomei being a watchmaker manufacturer in the furniture industry. Also, the equipment leaves nothing to be desired, 3 stainless steel drawers, a secret compartment, a leather extension shelf and the wire accessory with multiple socket makes this furniture besides the aforementioned lighting to a premium class home office. A matching stool as a meaningful and formal completion is with "Q" available. Through the sleek dimensions of 87 x 94 x 48 cm (W x H x D), this secretary can be used in almost any living situation and gives the room its "spirit".

Yomei – functionality in design. Combining aesthetic design with a high level of practical function is a fine art that has been perfected by up-and-coming furniture brand Yomei, outshining its German rivals.