Featuring a gas spring system for height adjustment and castors, Mr. Round is a practical all-rounder. Mostly used in the reception areas or treatment rooms of doctor’s surgeries and at checkouts in shops, the stool is ideal for environments where people sit down temporarily rather than spending most of the day sitting in the same position. In the office, Mr. Round makes for an ideal seat for visitors, for example for sitting down briefly at a monitor to discuss particular issues. In short: a space-saving stool for short, temporary use. The seat is available in solid oak or upholstered in the same design as the Tom stools: 2 donut-shaped cushions stacked one upon the other with leather or textile covers.

RICHARD LAMPERT: DESIGN ICONS AND CONTEMPORARY DESIGN In 1993, Richard Lampert founded his company, based in the German city of Stuttgart, with the aim of producing innovative and versatile furniture for everyday use.