Height 45 cm
Weight 1 kg
Cable length 200 cm
Diameter 3 cm


Frame finish Natural Brill Steel finish


Cri >90
Diffuser None
Ip rating IP65
Light bulb type 1x 2W LED
Light emission 500 lm
Suitable for outdoor use Yes


Available in two different variants: Moon with spot light without diffuser and Moon Crystal with diffuser in "synthetic crystal". Moon Crystal is characterised by the synthetic crystal diffusers that give colour and three-dimensionality to the light. Available in batterypowered or wired versions, the battery-powered version, with a about 9 hour autonomy, can be recharged through a USB type-C port commonly used for latest-generation smartphones and tablets. Supplied with accessories and steel cable to be "hooked" and installed in a wide variety of contexts, from a tree branch to a pergola arbour rather than an outdoor tent. Switch by a clockwise rotation of the tube.

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