Moon 1357 by MANTRA

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E27 4x20W - 220/240V 600 x 1650 mm

The designer, José Ignacio Ballester, combines and plays with circular shapes, jointly with perforated oval forms, whose simple design reminds us of the Moon, specially created for Mantra… MOON. The harmonious overlap of different acrylic layers finished with simple depths of various sizes characterize the Moon collection’s lovely lighting design which simultaneously creates and decorates the atmosphere. Its (non-stick) acrylic materials are combined with shiny chrome finishes to create an extensive range of lamps and accessory parts, which discretely house efficient low-consumption light (13W power), officially approved and tested according to EC legislation. This simple explanation will be verified with the information provided in the following pages. For you, …the MOON.

“… Feel the light” is a phrase which has decorated and accompanied our image since the founding of MANTRA.