Mood Low footstool module by Bivaq

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The Mood Low collection, designed by Andrés Bluth, stands out among the new items for this year. This collection is based on a modular system of sofas, suitable for outdoors and manufactured with the Screen Cover® process exclusive to Bivaq. Using this process Bivaq has developed an upholstered piece of furniture, with interchangeable fabrics and the features necessary for reliable use outdoors. All materials (structure, upholstery, fabrics) are suitable for outdoors and resistant to the effects of the open air and sunshine. Mood Low has been conceived so as to enjoy the outside in an informal, relaxed way in a chill out style; for this reason its modules are particularly wide and low (they measure 92 cm. and the height of the seat is 34 cm.). Also its new cushions made in vinytex (synthetic polyester-covered fabric) mean they can be kept outside. The Mood sun lounger and ottomans are also new this year. Both of these items are also manufactured using the Screen Cover® method and combine with the rest of the collection. The Mood sun lounger is much more than a sun lounger. It is unique in its category on account of its finish, dimensions and comfort, which make it more like a space for relaxation. It is designed both for private use and for outside areas of hotels, spas or other public spaces. The collection is complemented by the Mood ottomans which can be put to various uses as adjoining seats or centre or corner tables.

Bivaq was founded in 2003 in Barcelona (Spain) by a young entrepreneur and a small team of committed professionals.