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The many faces of ultimate comfort: that is Mood by René Holten. Mood is a sleekly- upholstered bucket seat with five different bases and four different upholstery styles. Mood offers a variety of colour and fabric options to suit a wide range of interior styles. By carefully observing sitting positions and sitting behaviours in different situations, we discovered a demand for both relaxed and active postures. For example, meeting environments require a more active posture and dinner settings are more relaxed. So, for 2015, we have introduced two new Mood models: Active and Relax. Construction The chairs in the Mood family consist of sleekly-upholstered bucket seats with five different bases, four different styles of upholstery, and a great many colour and fabric options. The Mood seat is padded with foam as a whole, and the upholstery itself is also a single cover. Using a special upholstery technique, the illusion is created on the inside of the seat that the backrest is made of two parts. The same technique also creates the optical boundary between the backrest and the seat. Four different types of upholstery are possible, three of which are available in all fabrics, leather types, and colours in our standard fabric collection. There is a single-fabric option, a two-fabric top/bottom option, a two-fabric inside/outside option, and a special leather upholstery version with accentuated stitching. The latter version is only possible in Ohmann Misto. There are also five different bases: one with four oak legs, one with a wire frame, a disc- shaped one, one with a four-toed strip, and a five-toed officechair base. All five are available in various finishes.

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