Monolink 2505/00 by Casala

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Backrest plastic, seat plastic

Monolink is the first one-piece chair which can be stacked. Monolink's applications are clear: it is a chair which integrates immediately in both the smallest canteen and the largest conference room. Handy, comfortable and sturdy. A one-piece cast which has been fitted with a system for linking and stacking. This is why the legs have been fitted with a unique system. Monolink is available in two versions. One has a plastic seat and another version has an upholstered seat. The chair is available in three colours. The seat, a separate plastic element, is available in the same three colours as the chair plus an three additional colours. This means you can achieve eighteen different colour combinations in plastic. One of Monolink's attractive characteristics is the way it can be quickly set-up and stored. This is why Casala developed a clever transport method which is available as an accessory. Another option is the Zifra numbering system. This system is compatible with the Monolink.

Casala is known for contract furniture, furniture to be deployed where design is to prove its functional worth: in congress halls and churches, at offices, universities, government agencies and in care centers.