Monk table by Prostoria

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Prostoria Monk table Prostoria Monk dining table Prostoria Monk chair Prostoria Monk armchair Prostoria Monk dining table

The armchair, chair and coffee tables from the Monk collection are paying homage to retro furniture in the play between typologies. By the simple form and selection of material in massive wood and fabrics they merge the daily functions of work and contemplation. Monk collection has been completed with the dining table which thematically adds to the corresponding chair. The elegance of the table made of massive oak has been achieved by narrowing wooden legs towards the bottom, and tabletop towards the edges. The tabletop is made of plywood and covered with black linoleum, attached to simple wooden legs of the massif. Two tables, one of them is lower and enters bellow the higher table, form a complete match for Monk armchair.

Vision Our vision is to create upholstered furniture that will enrich your everyday home interactions.