Mokka | 12813 by Wittmann

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Mokka 12813 armchair 63 x 63 x H 66/40 cm

Mokka – a new level of comfort at the table The Mokka range, combining small armchairs and low tables (66 centimetres high), is a radical new departure for Paolo Piva and Wittmann. Mokka is extraordinarily versatile, but is chiefly conceived as a dining table with easy chairs. Your guests will be impressed by the exceptional level of comfort. Mokka also lends itself to uses in living areas (from a tea table to a games table) and solutions for office meeting and reception areas. The armchairs can be added to a suite or serve as stand-alone pieces. The range bears the hallmarks of Paolo Piva’s style. Piva has already designed a number of successful models for Wittmann. The armchairs are available in either square or round versions with closed or open bases. Various details of the armchairs, such as the corner stitching, show the skills of Wittmann’s craftsmen to good effect. The interior springing provides exceptional seating comfort. The tables also stand out for their masterly design and attention to detail. The round tabletops feature a star-shaped veneer — a special feature emphasised by the triangular base. The rectangular table comes with a wood base.

Wittmann is a company steeped in tradition. The wealth of expertise it draws on has been handed down over the years from one generation to the next.