Modular S/73/6L Pendant Light

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The Mod seeks its inspiration in the nature, as it can be grouped to form a garden of possibilities through the finishes of the clusters of flowers.

The petals of its flowers are customizable, being able to adapt to almost all types of materials; Plates smooth, perforated, deployed or drawn and laser cut according to the agenda you want to use. They also accept natural materials, such as wood panels or natural fibers such as raffia and if we let our imagination fly, we can sew or crochet them with colored thread. The Mod was born for the interior creators to let them fly.
The luminary is built on a central shaft from which the flowers are born. The LED light source is protected by an elliptical low-intensity polyethylene balloon that emits a warm and uniform ambient light. They are dimmable.
The structure is available in white or brass finish, always depending on the materials used in the flowers.
The finishes can also be customized.
Its format allows us to use it individually or together, creating an installation with great visual effect.

In 1996 Joana Bover founded BOVER in Barcelona. After 20 years of market development, what began as a sketch on a napkin for an architect friend’s project has evolved and grown to become one of the leading companies in the contemporary lighting sector, with its own subsidiary in the United States and a presence in countries worldwide.