Modesty Veiled Armchair

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The quality of being modest: the freedom from vanity, the respect for discretion in the conduct, in the language, in the clothing, the simplicity, the moderation, designed to prevent the accidental exposure of a body part, a strip of modesty, of meekness.

Italo Rota

Italo Rota was born in 1953 in Milan, where he graduated at Politecnico di Milano. After winning the competition for the interior spaces of the musée d'orsay, in the late eighties, He moved to Paris, where He signed the renovation of the museum of modern art at the Centre Pompidou (with gae aulenti), the new rooms of the french school at Cour Carré of the Louvre, the lighting of Notre Dame Cathedral and of the Seine River Banks and the restructuring of Nantes City Centre. studio Italo Rota manages the complexities of large international projects, the most different scales of detail, from product design to the design of large urban areas, maintaining a systematic intent to considerable wealth of spaces and forms. In recent years the study followed the design and construction of luxury hotels: in Milan - Boscolo Exedra hotel, in Rome - Boscolo Palace and Hotel Boscolo Hotel in Bari. In Dubai the opening of Cavalli Club in 2010 and of Chameleon Club at Byblos hotel in 2011. Large urban areas, such as the former Carlo Erba in Milan, have been the subject of a tertiary unusual design, which combine the functional requirements to the spatial qualities of architecture that dialogue with the city and its inhabitants. Italo Rota received various awards, including the gold medal for Italian architecture for the public spaces, the gold medal for Italian architecture for culture and leisure, the landmark conservancy prize, New York and the grand Prix de l'urbanisme, Paris. Italo Rota is scientific director of Naba and Domus Academy.

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