Width 50 cm
Depth 15 cm
Height 50 cm


Colour Blue
Material Cotton


Assembly required none
Size 50 x 50cm
Suitable for outdoor use no


Modern Kantha is our collection of cushions and quilts and features a distinctive ‘running stitch’ – known as kantha – that holds the layers of fabric together. First used in rural West Bengal by women who would recycle old saris and men’s dhotis (vests) into warm blankets, the technique not only provided a solution to the problem of textile waste but was also decorative and colourful. Our collection was designed by Copenhagen-based studio PosePose (formerly WitekGolik) who tried to reframe the traditional ‘kantha’ story by playing with the stitch’s scale and structure.

In a bid to allow this classic Indian craft to evolve we decided not to make the collection by hand but to manufacture it in Bangalore using an industrial embroidery machine. The collection is made out 100% cotton sateen fade-proof fabric. The fabric is dyed in an eco-conscious non-polluting factory in Bangalore. We have used Poly-Fil over cotton as a filling for the quilts because it means you can throw the quilt in your washing machine rather than having to dry clean. Cotton clumps up when washed.

We are a product design studio based between Bangalore and London.