multifunctional containers internally and externally finished with different materials according to the required use simple silent monoliths keepers of the living space these containers can be opened and their interiors can reveal a kitchen a refrigerator an oven a wine cellar a secret box or even a shower a place to think a storage a study the containers can be customized according to the function of use cabinet structure: veneered block board thickness: 3cm finish: woods of the samples set dimensions closed bale: H237cm W99,9cm D99,9cm open baule: H237cm W99,9cm available the oven, wine cellar or wardrobe versions

objective beauty exists invisible presence talks to our soul essence in absence absolute and immortal work as a mission I have always felt and loved this world to project is what I can do to built is what makes me alive I’m an artisan I am hands and thought hands and thought that meet each other in substance of things pure shapes for a new concept of space space as a place that enhances soul design and matter neutrality lets the being express itself the individual is the only real hero a language deprived of disorder surplus and excesses value to vacuum and simplicity using natural materials to revert to pristine state of things monochromatic and single material elements build objects over trends sought sensitivity to design unusual things looking for harmony and timeless balance a way of behaving living and being the biggest obstacle.