Dark Sycamore-Black Mito Up&Down desk. The managerial storage unit with sliding door and drawer with lock and foldable key.

Managerial desk with electric height regulation, the most versatile option for your office.┬áIts worktop can reach from 760mm up to 1300mm, ideal for any planned and unplanned situation. This desk will just fit in every single need, from a typical managerial desk to a meeting point. It is equipped with 2 powerful synchronized motors controlled by a microprocessor which along with the intelligent anti-collision system and the super soft start-stop bring safety and comfort to the highest of the standards. MITO is available in 2 colours, dark and light sycamore, both in a synchronous 3D wood-like texture which guarantees prestige and warmth. Majestically decorated with black or white glossy elements it will certainly impress all of your guests.

More than 2 decades ago, MDD was born with the objective of bringing a fresh breeze to the office furniture sector.