Width 66 cm
Depth 70 cm
Height 110 cm
Seat height 44.5 cm


Fabric req. 1.5
Frame finish Oak Natural Lacquer
Material Wood and Upholstery
Upholstery Main Line Flax Newbury


Year 2018


Mino is created inspired by the iconic Lamino.

The chair is designed with the shape and needs of the human body in mind. Sandell has carefully considered every aspect of what a chair needs to offer. The end result is marked by the large amount of compassion and care that was put into the design process, while also being true to the stylish look of its predecessor, making it perfect for someone who values the combination of comfort and aesthetics. Mino is equally nice to look at as to sit in.

Swedese's ideals are the same today as they have been for the past seventy years. These are to create beautiful furniture for the future, which build on the foundations of Scandinavian modern traditions, designed by forward-looking designers who share in the timeless ideals of architecture.