Mini Neva 6415 by Milán Iluminación
Milán Iluminación

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A series of wall lights based on a minimalist design and pure lines, achieved by using extruded aluminium profile, thanks to which we can supply a number of lengths that can incorporate rigid LED strips of 4.4, 8.8, 13.2 and 17.2 W which offer good luminous efficiency even with alternating current (260 lumens for every 4.4 watts). Using LEDs direct to 230 V enables us to design models with less height, which makes it more elegant, as there is no need to create a space to house a driver and surface-mounting is no problem. The LED is by Acriche and each LED is 1.1 watts. Final consumption is 5.1 W per plate, as you can see from the price list, as we have to add the current used by the components in the plate (PCB) that enables alternating current to be switched to direct (they act like a driver). This plate was designed by our technical department and developed by an engineering firm of renown in the LED sector to provide both luminous efficiency and reliability throughout its useful life. By way of example, the power factor is almost 98%, which means that it creates virtually no reactive current (increasingly prominent amongst electricity companies when bettering an offer). The plate (PCB) is protected by a satin-finish injected polycarbonate piece that protects the plate contacts, but that at the same time is designed to create a rich visual impact.

Since 1960 MILAN Iluminaci—n have been committed to the distinctive Design of its products, to maintaining standards of Quality in each and every one of the components used in manufacturing our lamps, and to providing our clients with a conscientious Service.