millelumen classic wall I by Millelumen

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Handbrushed aluminium, incl. RGB control unit, pushbutton control & infrared receiver,

The overall view of the award winning luminaires is formed by the sum of straight- line light corpus and its lighting image by variable LED light control. The light series is based on a rectangle profile with profile end caps with defined shadow gaps. The profile housings contain a sophisticated heat management to ensure an extremely long life-time of the LED luminosity. The exclusively use of recyclable aluminium for the bodies economises precious natural resources. The filigree aluminium profiles of 22 x 44 mm are available with RGB-LED with infrared control unit or with bright warm-white LEDs.

Die Reduktion der Form auf das Wesentliche, auf die elementarste Geometrie, die Linie, ist die Gestaltungsgrundlage von millelumen.