Mille by Bonaldo

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Bonaldo Mille Bonaldo Mille Bonaldo Mille

Not just four, but lots of legs: this is the main feature of the Mille table. "Project research into the theme of tables with a sculptural base began with an element that is geometrically very simple, a cylinder, which we multiplied and placed together, studying the rhythm and proportions between full and empty spaces to obtain a design that seemed instinctively right – like trees in a forest." (Bartoli Design) The legs of Mille are in chrome-plated steel, while the table top, made of transparent or acidated glass, is available in three shapes and numerous sizes: rectangular 160 cm x 90 cm, 180 cm x 90 cm, 200 cm x 100 cm, 220 cm x 100 cm and 240 cm x 100 cm; oval 180 cm x 110 cm and 210 cm x 120 cm; or round with a diameter of 160 cm and 180 cm.

BONALDO. Eighty years of history and passion for design.