Milky Desk & Accessories by GAEAforms

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Dimensions: H42-50-60 / W50/ L80 cm

Milky collection is self assembly products which has seatings and desk units. The desk and the bench will grow as the child grows bigger. Specially designed with easy ”coin screw system” will let the parents fix the products easily in any position without any complication just in seconds of time. Milky desk is designed to suit different age groups starting from 2 to 9. A subtle form meets an iconic look with the specially designed, easy assembly bolts. The table can be repositioned in 3 levels as the child grows bigger. Milky desk can also be positioned in an angled form to form an Art table. From the family of Milky, there is a bench which grows into two levels, Milky chair-S, Milky chair-m, Milky Craft and Milky Accessories for books and crayons. Milky craft is a wall mounted table with a box to store all pens and pencils. It doesn’t take too much space and grows into two lengths making it suitable for bigger kids as well little. It uses specially designed bolt for easy assembly like other Milky family. Material: Birch plywood

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