A truly sustainable Milk Carton inspired bird box.

Sustainably sourced materials

Sometimes we have a silly idea that is just too good to pass up.

We’ve been pestering local businesses for their off cuts of ply. These pieces are normally destined to the scrap bin, but ideal for our bird box.

The steel we use is recycled from discarded washing machines and dish washers. We trim it and bend it into shape before coating it with tough satin white paint to ensure it can weather the toughest of climates.

The perch is hand machined from solid brass with a knurled finish providing excellent grip for our feathered friends as they survey their surroundings.

Installation is really simple using either the recessed screw keyhole on the back or simply suspended from a branch using the 2 eyelets in the crest of the roof.

Inspired by reclaimed timber and minimalist design. I build contemporary furniture from reclaimed timbers from my workshop in Cardigan, West Wales