mikonos A-2520 by Estiluz

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Estiluz mikonos A-2520 Estiluz mikonos A-2520 Estiluz mikonos A-2520

Mikonos, a wall light that gives a bright, white light, reminiscent of that bathing the Greek isles, looks like an enormous bracelet that widens as it approaches the wall where it is fixed with a rectangular piece, with the light emerging vertically on the wall. Mikonos is an incandescent wall light with satin-finish, white, optical glass at the top and bottom, which gives a diaphanous, pleasant light. Metallic wall sconce providing direct and indirect light. Glass diffuser on top and bottom. W 145 x H 170 x D 190 mm Inc. 100 W*

Estiluz and the green planet. Over forty years have gone by.