Mickey Stool - Upholstered Side

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Mickey, a highly ergonomic pouffe with a fun, playful design and great personality is perfectly suited to the concept of activity-based working.

The seat swivels and swings from side to side and is height-adjustable going from a low pouffe to a perch providing support during standing work. It also follows the body’s position perfectly with a built-in 10 degree tilt to either side, providing active support for the spine. Available in almost any upholstery colour combined with a range of neutral plastic colours, you can create your own personally expressive design. Mickey is perfect for playing a part in providing an inspirational space and stimulating creativity for its user. Handle for height adjustment is always made of the same fabric as the rest of the seat. Plastic elements and the cover of the gas lift are made of dierent materials; therefore their colour might vary slightly.

ITO Design

Since 1987 ITO Design has been innovating in the areas of design, technology and product development for customers worldwide. ITO has been active in diverse industries throughout its 25 year history. Since the late 1990s, modern office environments have become one of the company’s particular focal points. This continues to be one of the team’s key areas, with a distinct emphasis on innovative seating products.

Based in Nürnberg, Germany and Cham, Switzerland, ITO has become home to a multifaceted international team of designers who consider innovation and sustainable functionality as the foundation of their products.

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