Width 48 cm
Height 48 cm


Material Handmade paper, acrylic backing


Suitable for contract use Yes
Suitable for outdoor use No


Timeless but on time.

Swedish Mia Lagerman has designed this outstanding wall mounted clock. In all its simplicity the clock is made of mat cotton paper and the time is embossed on the paper that unveils two watermarks when the clock is held up against light. The paper is handmade on a Swedish paper mill from a 300 years old traditional production method. This traditional and simultaneously innovative approach to design makes this item quite unique; a clockwork that is both decorative and useful.

Mia Lagerman

As a designer, Mia Lagerman views her constant development - from the creation of the idea, through to the production and the final result - as a journey towards achieving the best results, and where dialogue with collaborators and the development of new methods are a vital part of the process, always with the end-user in mind.

Mia's designs are based on a Scandinavian aesthetic simplicity, as well as an understanding of materials and production. This applies to both mass production and smaller editions.
“The innovative products are a reflection of my need to try out different kinds of materials and craftsmanship.
It’s OK for design to be tongue in cheek, but it must still have the ability to be taken seriously. It’s about creating a surprise, something unexpected. It’s about immersing yourself, seeking perfection with an open mind, quality and not least, stirring people’s emotions.”

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