Mia F26 B01 01 by Fabbian

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Base and adjustable cone in white natural ceramic, shiny interior.

Mia is the name chosen by Federica Bubani for this table lamp in natural white ceramic, polished internally. The lamp is composed of two conical elements: the first cone is the base where the second and smaller one lays. The peculiarity of this table lamp is that the smaller cone can be adjusted according to the mood of the user. Through Mia, which is the Italian word for Mine, the designer’s purpose was to communicate the extent to which this simple yet unique lamp can be customized. By arranging the cone in different positions the light can be either direct or indirect, this playfulness involves the user and creates a relationship between the two. Electrification on mains voltage for fluorescent bulbs. Base and adjustable cone in white natural ceramic, shiny interior.

Fabbian Illuminazione was established in 1961 as a company manufacturing lighting appliances for homes and for contract work.