Meteo Mirage blue by GOLRAN 1898

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GOLRAN 1898 Meteo Mirage blue GOLRAN 1898 Meteo Mirage green

Meteo, designed by the French designer Inga Sempé, is a collection which, as the Art Director Francesca Avossa emphasizes, reinterprets in a contemporary key the classical Persian carpet: “The constant interest of Inga Sempé for the textile and material dimension of projects, but also her ability to make a distanced re-reading, made me think that she could be a good person for reinterpreting the artisan and decorative dimension of the Persian roots of Golran. Meteo preserves the gentle, sensitive traits of Inga, but also the more direct and contemporary ones, eternally balanced between synthetic and artisan forms, able to transform everyday objects by making them gentle, making them poetic and giving them a characterising hint of humour.“ The faded effect of the weft, which makes it possible to obtain a geometric design through blurred lines, is obtained thanks to the skilful artisan technique from Nepal which can give a result similar to that of pointillism, that uses individual coloured threads of wool and silk for each point of the design, as if each knot was the single piece of a mosaic. The Meteo collection presents three models with three different designs, each available in different variations of colour: Halo, Mirage and Tumulte.

THE COMPANY, A FAMILY HISTORY The history of Golran is first and foremost the story of a family from Mashad, a Persian city, that now stands near the border between Iran and Russia.