Metaphysics | From above by Hagit Pincovici
Hagit Pincovici

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Coffee table 47 1/4”D x 15 3⁄4”H 120cmD x 40cmH

Metaphysics expresses a new milestone the designer’s research and creates a bridge between the contemporary and the classic, practicality and beauty, traditional crafts and contemporary technology. Rich colors, slim profiles, bold statements, allowing the functionality and the design to become one. Aesthetic and functional aspects are closely integrated between them; the structure of the furniture is first isolated, made visible and then integrated and treated as an expressive element of the project. Produced by hand, limited edition by Italian craftsmen, in the heart of the furniture district of Brianza, each piece designed by Hagit Pincovici is the result of a careful combination of the aesthetic requirements of the design, the quality of the materials and the precise realization of every detail.

The furnishings of the Israeli designer Hagit Pincovici are designed and self-produced in a limited edition; integrating form and structure in an original constructive and aesthetic way and where the high Lombard craftsmanship plays a decisive role.