Mera mer99 by Klöber

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Swivel chair mer99 with headrest, 4F-arm supports, alu starbase polished.

Mera task chairs and visitor chairs from Klöber guarantee first-class sitting. The chair's consistent use of form means that it blends in naturally in any office environment. Slimline looks and sweeping curves conceal a power pack when it comes to comfort. Smart technology makes it easy to use, ensures healthy dynamics and provides long-term use. The Mera range by Klöber is a complete family of task , visitors and conference chairs. Each model fulfills individual requirements whilst creating a consistently-designed office culture. The conviction of its distinctively-curved backrest means that Mera fits in well with modern interiors with its transparent, lightweight styling. Mera reinforces Klöber’s design competence with its modern understated styling and sophisticated functions. Sustainable in production as well as use, the range addresses ergonomic and environmental concern. It is the logical diversity of the programme that makes it easy to use the different Mera styles within a consistent image, and above all shows its advantages in sustainable production. All parts of the system are manufactured from long-life materials that can be sorted according to type. The characteristic design of this task chair has extraordinary qualities. Its generous dimensions – 49 centimetre seat width, 39 centimetre seat depth plus 6 centimetres of adjustable depth, as well as the distinctive high backrest measuring 59 centimetres accommodates both the short and tall as they go about their daily business in the office. Its point-synchro mechanism, lumbar adjustment and patented quick-set function for body weight setting provide healthy dynamics. There is a pre-selectable seat tilt and integral wedge cushion to keep the back upright. When the sliding seat function is used, the wedge cushion always stays in the correct ergonomic position for the appropriate seat depth. There are three armrest styles to suit personal preferences. The visitor chairs also feature generous volume: the well-designed dimensions make it easier to get up. The double-layer 3D mesh backrest features an integral lumbar reinforcement for healthy support. The impression is one of clarity and precision. The lines of the closed armrests continue seamlessly into the backrest and base. The steel tube details fits flush with the armrests, produce a feeling of harmony. Plastic meets chrome in flowing transitions. The way the materials interact functionally results in stability in the base, and a pleasantly warm feel where the hands and arms come to rest. The chair can be stowed under most desk’s to save space thanks to the conveniently-proportioned armrests. Mera visitor chairs are optionally available as stacking chairs and alternatively come with a mesh, plastic or upholstered backrest.

Valuable Roots Klöber has its origins in the pioneering spirit of the 1930s.