We wanted to create a sofa system that gives you the feeling of being virtu- ally anywhere – with all the appliances you might need for work, informal meetings and leisure time. We called it Meet. Its soft seating, which rests on a sturdy platform, is the result of the first collaboration between Offecct and Fattorini + Rizzini + Partners, a Milan-based design studio. “We wanted to design Meet so that its functions high- light Offecct’s main areas, the sustainability aspect and the sound absorbing qualities of their products, the importance of injecting life through plants in indoor environments and Offecct’s craftsmanship in working with wood and fabrics”, says Robin Rizzini. Meet introduces a new type of informal sofa for meet- ing places. The soft and generous seating rests on a platform that provides pots for greenery, tables for work appliances and built-in power sockets. To offer more privacy and the possibility to build rooms within rooms, Meet can now also be supplemented with screens that easily can be attached to the back of the sofa. “When we work on projects aimed at the environment between office and residen- tial space, we always lift our gaze to look at the surroundings. We don’t want to see only the product. We want to see and feel how this product will actually work in a space so it can be of full service to the people who use it”, explains Robin Rizzini.

OFFECCT believes in combining genuine Swedish craftsmanship with qualitative, innovative and sustainable design.