Height 72 cm
Diameter 140 cm


Electrification not provided
Legs polished
Table top melamine soft light


MedaMorph was developed in collaboration with Alberto Meda, whose engineering background is evident in the form and function of this prestigious conference table system.

Table tops description
Melamine-coated table tops Description: the plastic-coated flat press board (MCB = melamine-coated board) is a fine particle board (P2) coated with melamine resin compliant with DIN EN 14322. Surface: the reflection values, sheen and brightness do not exceed the thresholds recommended for standard work stations. Edge: the table top has 3-mm-thick ABS lipping.
Safety: all corners and edges are rounded.

Under-table units
Single leg for round visitor tables Description: the single leg is made of polished die-cast aluminium (with black plastic glides that can be adjusted by up to 10 mm). Attachment: each single leg is attached directly to the tabletop with 4 screws. The attachment points in the tabletop are designed in such a way that the tabletop finishes flush with the glides.

System base Description: the system base is a modular kit that allows conference tables to be constructed in all shapes and sizes. In the MedaMorph collection, the system bases for the conference tables are round and boat-shaped.

The system base consists of four components: Star connector: powder-coated die-cast aluminium in silver with 16 anchoring points for struts. System/single leg (conference systems): die-cast aluminium (with black plastic glides, adjustable by up to 10 mm). Always used/ supplied with a star connector.

Base consisting of 4 beams, 4 star connectors and 4 system legs

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