MC Sofa by Lande

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Lande MC Sofa Lande MC Sofa

Your personal bench-seat. Sit down to a meeting, get your breath back, enjoy a meal, lounge on the sofa together or brainstorm. This is a sofa that brings people together and gets them talking. A sofa that invites you to take part, in an open workplace where everyone feels at home. Visually imposing, beautiful against a wall or standing alone. The high backrest provides comfort and better protection from noise. Combined with a low back, you can create an open, light-hearted effect, which you can emphasise with the upholstery and various finishes. As a work and dining table, the Club table matches the style of the sofa well – as if they were made for each other. And if you have specific wishes, the MC Sofa can be made to measure exactly. Details: Free-standing elements are equipped with upholstered back wall. The elements can also be placed back-to-back. Options: A 230 V contact point can be built into the plinth. The side is laminated as standard as part of the standard laminate collection. You can alternatively choose from a veneer or upholstered finish.

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