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Mayze is a seating program that holds it arms out to visitors. Fresh, light and comfortable, Mayze creates a modern atmosphere where formalities are dropped and open conversation can start. Using both structural technical knitting and cushions to create a combination of dynamic and cosy sitting with a reduced impact on the environment. Inspired by the beauty of overlapping transparencies and the natural forms created through tensioned fabric was the main sculptural direction for Mayze. Born from an ambition to combine a new material and structure to maximum comfort with a minimum of materials. De-materializing the product reduces the impact on the environment. Jonathan Prestwich graduated in 1995 with a degree in Industrial Design before beginning work in a design studio in Boston, Massachusetts. After two years he moved back across the Atlantic to Burkhard Vogtherr in France where over six years he gained valuable experience from Burkhard. In 2004 he set up his own studio in London, and quickly established a reputation for simple, elegant products. Since then he has collaborated with several highly respected international companies, winning multiple awards for his innovation.

Introduction Allermuir has become one of the leading manufacturers of high quality contemporary furniture in the UK today, bringing some of the most exciting and talented European designers work to the marketplace.